Top 5 Nordstrom Home Décor Picks Under $100
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Top 5 Nordstrom Home Décor Picks Under $100

I can’t even begin to count the nights where I have 15 tabs open on my laptop, searching for the perfect details for my clients. Designing the interior of a house is one thing but furnishing it with the unique touches that make it a home is just as important. The key is to keep it affordable without compromising the quality. Since I know we all love Nordstrom, I thought I would share with you my top 5 home décor picks under $100 (because let’s be honest, $200 candles aren’t for everyone).

1. Dash and Albert “Annabelle” Rug

This geometric print is perfect for adding warmth to your space. We would put this rug in one of our living rooms or master bedrooms to bring it to life. It comes in a variety of sizes and color option (all neutral of course) so that you can determine what fits best in your space.

2. The Citizenry Tall Engobe Vase

 If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love adding a terra cotta bowl or vase wherever I can. The warm, natural tones can help soften a more modern space. The style and shape of this vase is also perfect for adding some height to a mantle or counter top.

3. Treasure & Bond Jersey Rope Ribbed Throw Blanket

This might be at the top of the $100 price point, but it might be my favorite. This blanket comes in several colors and is perfect for adding texture to a more casual and comfortable space. You can snuggle up in and display it on your blanket ladder, which is the best of both worlds.

4. Anthropologie Capri Blue Scented Jar Candle

You’ve probably heard your favorite bloggers talking about the Capri Volcano Scented Candle and I couldn’t agree more. I admit that it’s more than I would typically pay for a candle, but it’s worth it! The smell of a space can set the mood just as much as the lighting. This is a must.

5. Treasure & Bond White Wash Bowl

You probably know from my Instagram that I love a bowl. This white washed mango wood bowl can add dimension to any flat surface and can be the perfect detail to finish off your living room coffee table. If you want to add a pop of color, layer a few green stems inside the bowl.

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