5 Design Trends We Are Loving in 2018
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5 Design Trends We Are Loving in 2018

The second half of 2018 is here and that means we are seeing new (and old) exciting design trends we love! We’ve outlined our favorites to help you bring them to life in your home this season.

1.      Modern Neutrals

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we love a good neutral at LGD. The word neutral can sometimes scare those of you who have more of an eclectic style, but the beautiful part about this trend is that you can layer in texture, earth tones, and metal finishes with your natural wood tones to create a space that’s comfortable, but still unique to you.


2.      Jet Black

You probably knew this already because we are seeing it everywhere! From glossy finishes to sleek matte, jet black is in and we are loving it. We are seeing it in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and entry ways as a sophisticated way to add high contrast to spaces. Even if you’re not typically a fan of black, you can embrace this trend by adding small touches here and there while balancing it out with lots of whites, creams and grays.


3.      Gold

We saw this trend come to life earlier this year and it’s here to stay. You can embrace your inner golden girl in several ways which is why we love this trend so much. You can take the subtle route and add a few gold accessories throughout your space or take on a bolder approach by switching out your brushed nickel finishes and going with a golden brass tone instead.


4.      Oversized Florals

Since we like to keep things neutral at LGD, we love the idea of the oversized floral trend to spice things up! Besides, who doesn’t love a good floral print? Florals are a great way to add a natural focal point to a space. Whether it’s a painted mural, framed photo from Jenny’s Print Shop or large stems in the center of your dining room table, you’re sure to awake your inner flower child.

5.      Tone on Tone

If you follow any fashion bloggers, you’ve probably seen this trend for quite some time and now we are seeing it in interiors. By layering a variety of hues from the same color group, you are organically adding depth to a space. Similarly, if you are only working with one hue, try adding different textures throughout the room for the same affect (i.e. matte surfaces, gloss surfaces, ceramics, wood, etc.) There is tons of fun to be had with either approach.