5 Ways to Enhance Your Mantle
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5 Ways to Enhance Your Mantle

Mantles are the perfect way to add your own personal touch to a space. Whether you are hoping to create the focal point of your living room or simply accessorize your bedroom fireplace, the key is to choose elements that will supplement, not over power. Although less is usually more in this scenario, here are a few simple and effective ways to enhance your mantle.

1. Create visual movement. You can do this by varying the heights of different objects to keep your eye moving around the fireplace naturally.

2. Create a center point and build around it. This piece should always be at least 2/3 the size of the mantle and can be a mirror, piece of art or sculpture.


3. Don't be afraid to layer. Whether it's leaning art, books or candles, layering can create visual weight that will help your mantle to feel complete.

4. Mirrors are everything. In addition, a mirror being a great way to create a center point, they also reflect light, adding depth and even brightening up a slightly darker space.

5. Add a pinch of greenery. Most modern fireplaces have a neutral color scheme, making greenery a must. This will help bring your mantle to life in the subtlest way. This will also allow you to switch out greenery depending on the season/time of year.


The rules of design are great, but I like to see them as guidelines. Make sure you always listen to your creative instincts when it comes to your own space. Any way you do it, just make sure you love it- that’s all that really matters!