• How long does the design process take?

    Each project is unique and dependent on many variables. How big or small is the project? Are there any special order pieces? Are all contractors and subs ready to go? Are permits and plans ready? Once those items are in line, we can give you a timeline for our role in your project.

  • How do you price your design fee?

    Our design fee is project specific and is often priced per square foot or by space.

  • Do you design outside of the Phoenix area?

    We do! If it’s a good fit, we travel!

  • Do we need our own contractor?

    LGD does not hire contractors for projects. However, we do have several we recommend and love to work with. If you do not have a contractor you are currently working with, we would happily refer!

  • How small or big of a project do you take on?

    We take projects of all sizes, from single bathroom remodels, to restaurants, to 9000 square foot homes!

  • How soon can we start?

    Once you have filled out our questionnaire, we will review and inform you of our next project start date availability. If that works with your project timeline, we will then set up a design consultation!

  • Do you purchase items and materials, or do we?

    Both! We work our design agreements to do both. It all depends on your needs and the scope of the project.

  • What is your consultation fee?

    Our one hour consultation is $140.

  • Where do you like to shop for furniture?

    Good question! We have trade accounts with amazing vendors that offer both quality and unique furniture and décor pieces.

  • What happens at a design consultation?

    We use this hour to really get to know you, your project, and how you see yourself using the space. We chat through timeline, scope, budget, styles, and your desires, hopes and dreams for the space. It is really our time to get to know you and your time to get to know us, while introducing us to your space. During this time, our LGD team will also offer our ideas and thoughts for making the space the best it can possibly be.

  • Can you incorporate some of our already owned pieces in your design?

    We can! If you have a piece that you love, we will gladly incorporate it into the design of your space. However, we aren’t magicians. We can’t make your giant brown couch turn into a creamy white linen sofa by changing the throw pillows!

  • What should I have at our consultation for our project?

    It is always great to have a complete idea of all the areas you would like to include in your design and a general budget for the space. Sometimes it is not easy to know what your budget should be.  We can help you with that, don’t worry! But having a budget is necessary! A timeline, inspiration photos, and a list of questions for us is always a great start.